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Hi, This is my first hack 'Am Sharing with you all. My friend EziO taught me this hack. This is Fishing hack. our character starts fishing by itself. The timer finishes just in 5 seconds and the fish is in our   hand. For this hack, you need the following things :-
1.WPE PRO (Download here)
2.File (Download here)
Pass: mashoooocheats
1. First open WPE PRO.
2. Target Program (Firefox is the best for hacking's so log in your pigg account from Firefox and target program "Plugin Container". You have to close all the other Tabs From Firefox browser except Ameba Pigg's).
3. Open the FLT file. Enter the Password, mashoooocheats (4 times "O").
4. Check the Filter "Auto Fishing".
5. Click the "ON" Button.
6. Switch to the browser.
7. Click on the seat.
8. Click the button in the center. (The Button in the right corner means to throw fish snacks in the water with the Fishing Rod. You get 10 Packets at the start).
9. Wait for a fish. When the Fish comes, catch it and let the timer finish!

You can also use "Mouse Recorder and Record your Actions. I don't know very well how to use it so manage it your self. LOL.

[New] Hack Travel Full . Shibuya Version.

Hello Guys! Do You Know How To Hack Travel WIth Filter? Hehehe! And I'll Update Hack Shop Soon!
Here Is It!
How To Use ?
- Open WPE 
- Target Program
- Open The Filter
- On The All Filter
- Open Travel/Game
And Good Luck~!
Here The Filter :  Here!

New] Hack CASINO VIP AREA & Auto Roulette | Ameba Pigg

Hello! How are you ? ;3 this is old cheat~ did you know this before? :)

Here you go~
Auto Roulette : Here!

And this is the video "how to hack casino VIP AREA & Auto Roulette "
Good bye ~ ! :)

Jumat, 05 April 2013

[New] How To Hack Old Travel With Winsock Pro Editor Filter | Ameba Pigg

Hallo guys! I will give you how to hack old travel tutorial :)

How many is the places (?) Here you go!
- Yoyogi D-Boys [Available]
- Shibuya Dogenzaka Halloween 2011 [Available]
- Fishing Tournament [Available]
- Shibuya A-nation [Available]
- Ayumi Hamasaki Park [Available]
- Pepsi Park  [Available]
- Casino Slot Royale [Available]
- Casino Blackjack VIP [Available]
- Tsukimi Festival Park [Available]
- 2nd Anniversary [Unavailable]
- 3rd Anniversary Asakusa [Available]
- Halloween Park [Available]
- Kimodameshi Park [Available]
- Ballerina Park [Available]
- Coca Cola Area [Available]
- Etc.

You need :
- Wpe Pro [Search In google]
- WPE Filter [Here You Go!] Here You go! <3
   Password : posterpico
- Target Program [Opera/Poyon/AmebaPiggBrowser/Etc.]

This Is the video!
Easy? Sure-_-v but if you make it by yourself , it is so hard! :)
If you wanna copy this , please take the credit :) Ty.

Cheat Bet Casino Ameba pigg

Siapkan Bahan Gan !!

  • SWF Dowonload Here
  • WPE PRO Dowonload Here
  • Plugin Container Or mozzila

  1.  Buka WPe anda
  2.  klik send load an list of packet bla bla
  3.  Target dlo om ( Plugin Container Saya pake itu gan )
  4. Play wpe
  5. Klik All
  6. Cari send angka 23 Join
  7. Klik kanan set send list with this Socket Id
  8. klik send packet
  9. dan play

Ameba pigg Trick And Cheat

                                                   Ameba Pigg

Kalian Tahu, Earn AG pigg Yang sudah Populer Saat ini.. Tadinya Dulu Tidak ada earn AG di Ameba pigg melainkan pico! tapi karna sudah berkembang lama2 earn Ag pun lahir. Bagaimana?kalian sudah tau?
Kalo yang belum paham Soal Earn AG pigg Baca ya! Moga-Moga Ngerti!

I.Earn AG kalian bisa memilih Earn AG mana yang kalian suka
misalnya Panasonic club.aku akan Ajari Bagaimana Earn AG semua.
Ok Visit My Album Photos!!

1 . Panasonic Club ( 96 AG )
   URL : Here!

2 . Tsutaya ( 64 AG )
    URL : Here!

3 . Hot Pepper ( 112 AG )
    URL : Here!

4 . Beauty & Co ( 150 AG )
    URL : Here!

Selamat Berjuang!

utk mendapatkan token liatlah trik trik berikut ini~

Poster secret

[Poster Secret ] Poster Secret Part #1

Need :
Block Cube/H160/ : Colour : U Can Choose The Colour Of The Block ( Play Fuser GM
Upside-Down Slope/H32/ : Colour Must Same With Block Cube/H160
Card Math Trik Win

[TIPS & TRICKS] How To Take Turn People In Card Match
Need : 
Your Hand ^^
U Must Fast !

COUPON Daily Gacha (spesial edition)

[Ameba Pigg]Daily Scratch Card

   Enjoy your daily life on Ameba Piggアメーバ and get these special items and coupon引換券(token) through Daily Scratch Card! And get special items when you completed the scratch cards!

Default Card                                                                Card001

Card002                                                                   Card 003

Card004                                                                    Card 005

Card005                                                                    Card007

Card008                                                                  Music Ver

Room Ver                                                          Gardening Ver

Cleaning Ver                                                        Athletic Ver

Rainy Ver                                                                  Study Ver

Courageous Ver                                                       Animal Ver

Music Ver2                                                                Luck Ver

Training Ver                                                          Cooking Ver

Travel Ver                                                          New Year Ver

    This is the complete information of the daily scratch cards on Ameba Piggアメーバ Also, you can get some items for fishing like rod etc. I hope that this is a big help for everyone who plays Ameba Pigg, just like us!
    So, have a great Ameba Piggアメーバ Life!

BUG Fishing Point | Ameba Pigg

ini hasil cheating ane gan :D
Credit Tutorial :
  • Daisuke
  • Fikz Ryu
  • UzopC /Sopyan
Bahan bahan yang di butuhkan :

  • Poyon3.0BETA Download click Here Pass rar :
  • Tambahan dari saya, jika tidak bisa di buka, anda harus menginstal FlashPlayer 
  • Jika Poyon Tidak bisa di Buka, Harus menginstal : dotNetFx40_Full_x86_x64 Click Here atau INI
  • Dan tambahan dari kang Fikz
  1. -Kalo loadingnya macet di 100%
  2. -Pake cheat engine
  3. -Enable speedhack
  4. -Jadiin 0.0
  5. -tunggu 1 menit kalo udah selesai jadiin 1.0 lagi
Atau bisa lihat Full Step Video di bawah ini :
Video By : Sopyan-7

Sorry step nya campur bahasa :
  1. Go to Community Panel > Group
    !!NOTE!!You should have your own Group to get Special Features

  2. If so, open the menu PoyonVIP/Buka Menu PoyonVip

  3. Ok If you Have Error Notice / Jika Kamu menemukan Notice seperti ini

    Anda harus pergi ke tempat pemancingan dan mancing Normal seperti biasa lalu anda selesaikan Misi Keranjang ...
  4. Nah jika Sudah tidak ada pesan error tetapi PT anda tidak bertambah .. anda harus membeli Item ini :
Q : Dimana saya bisa membeli Item ini ?
A : Di tempat pemncingan .. di shop yang karakter nya perempuan , anda click lalu anda beli item yang ada di gambar itu ...
   5. Dan kita coba kembali ke Menu PoyonVip dan pilih yang paling bawah .. Lalu Click Start .. dan check PT anda apakah bertambah ^_^ .. saya sudah mencoba nya dan its work